The Coder School

201 Davis Grove Circle

Cary, NC

Helllllllooooo Research Triangle! We're super excited to be the first Coder School to open in North Carolina! With three world-class research universities nearby and technology galore all around us, we know Cary is itching to get some coding in. We've learned a ton from our sister schools headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, and are ready to rock the RTP region. At theCoderSchool, we want to do more than just teach coding. We want to use learning to code as a stepping stone to learning to think like a coder. Coding uses skills like thinking logically, breaking complex problems into manageable chunks, and working with others towards an end goal. Our physical space and our programs are both designed to help kids learn these skills and more - skills that are valuable in any future career.

  • Price:
    $200 to $400 per week*
  • Scholarships? No
  • Discounts? Yes
  • Camp Types:
  • Summer Camp Full-Day
  • Track Out Full Day
  • Programming offered for:
  • Co-Ed
  • Drop-off & Pick-up
  • 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Before & After Care? No
  • Transportation Available? No
  • Faith Based? No


Game Design and Networking