MindStretch Travel Adventures


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MindStretch Travel Adventures, LLC, a summer travel program for boys, offers unique travel experiences for boys ages 9 and older. Originally founded as Open Road Experiences in 1978, the program has been under the same leadership all this time. Over the years... boys and leaders have enjoyed travel throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and more. We're not exactly a summer camp though we do lots of summer camp kinds of activities - but we do it all while visiting some of the most breathtaking natural areas you can imagine. While these trips take place during the summer and involve a lot of camping types of activities, this is not your typical summer camp. We experience the great outdoors and incredible national parks and scenic areas during the day, but at night we return to a comfortable hotel room and dinner in a sit-down restaurant. So no matter what the day brings, we always know we'll have a dry place to sleep and a nice dinner with friends where we don't have to wash the dishes.

  • Price:
    $1000 and above per week*
  • Scholarships? No
  • Discounts? No
  • Camp Types:
  • Programming offered for:
  • Ages 9 to 18
  • Drop-off & Pick-up
  • midnight to midnight
  • Before & After Care? No
  • Transportation Available? No
  • Faith Based? No


Horseback Riding